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This page contains some VB scripts contributed by Klaus Seeling, Windows 2000 Magazine Forum Pro & Contributor. To find out more about Klaus, follow this link to the forum pros page of the Windows 2000 Magazine. I will be adding more in the future when I get the time to play around with these tools. Meanwhile, I will keep a watch for any interesting scripts & post them here. All these scripts can be executed using the Windows Scripting Host executable.


Click here to download the CMD scripts.

1) A simple yet powerful script to backup, restore & modify public folder permissions on a particular Exchange Server. The input is specified via a set of files to facilitate bulk changes. For more help on the required paarmeters / data files, run the script without any parameters.


2) VB Script to search for MAPI properties in a given profile. The required parameters for the script are the profile name , directory name or any email address or primary email address and value to search for.


3) This a simple script that can be used to split a file containing a delimited string to its individual parts. The delimiter in this sample is the ";". The file format is like a;b;c;d;e;f;g;h;i;j;k;l;m;n;o;p;q;r;s;t;u;v;w;x;y;z;aa;bb;cc;dd;ee;ff;gg...and so on until ;zzz;.

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