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The main purpose of this home page is to let all my friends know what I am up to these days & help my peers. So I have put together several links and content that might be of interest. 

The Technical Resources page contains my contributions in MS SQL Server newsgroups and others.

A disclaimer as usual, all the technical content in this home page is presented as is and is primarily my work unless noted otherwise.

You can find my Career Profile here. This page contains a snapshot of my professional career.

The Interests page contains links to my music, books and other hobbies. Any discussion or feedback on this section is very welcome!

The Favorites page contains links that I find useful and some interesting ones!

And last but not the least, here are two important links: one to my country India and another to my home city, Chennai.

Thanks for visiting!

SQL Unleashed 2nd Edition
Contributing Author

Microsoft SQL Server Most Valuable Professional
SQL Server MVP


Windows 2000 Magazine Forum Pro
Windows 2000 Magazine Forum Pro
Anna University, Chennai, India
College of Engineering, Guindy, Anna University Alumni
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