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Welcome To My Resources!

About My Resources

The following pages contain Windows NT Command scripts, Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL scripts & Visual FoxPro programs that I developed since 1998 or earlier. Some of the scripts are from contributions that I made in the MS SQL Server newsgroups and the Windows NT Magazine forums since 1998. Some of the scripts are utilities that I developed to help me at work.

Please note that these scripts are more to learn some new techniques, tricks and not of the FAQ kind.  Feel free to download these and use them. Please leave all the comments and header in the source code as is if you are distributing them. This will help any user to locate my  resources if needed. All the pages contain a link to download the entire source code. The filenames are also descriptive to enable you to identify a particular resource easily.

For any questions regarding the resources in my web site, send an email about it. If you have any in SQL Server, Visual FoxPro, NT or otherwise, please post them in the MS newsgroups or the Windows NT Magazine forums. Please do not send these to me directly since I cannot assure you that I will be able to take a look at those and the newsgroups are full of talented people who will give their opinions / suggestions.

Most of the Command scripts should work in Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/2003 and Windows XP operating systems. Some of them maybe specific to Windows 2000 or higher and I have tried to indicate them as far as possible.

The T-SQL scripts are broadly categorized based on which MS SQL Server versions the scripts run, utilities, OLE automation & my project. I choose this approach to categorizing them rather than say programming, replication, administration like that. Most of the scripts are self-explanatory & with comments wherever possible. 

The Visual FoxPro programs can be used from versions 3.0 to 6.0. These programs may require minimal changes like filenames, #defines, directory names. Hope you find these useful.

My Activities

I visit the Windows NT Magazine forums and the MS SQL Server newsgroups on a regular basis. My current home project is building this web site content using MS SQL Server. You can find all my scripts under HTML Project. I will be updating these scripts as and when I make changes to them. I am trying to use the new features of SQL70 like full-text & distributed queries. With the next SQL Server release, I intend to use the XML support & hope to enhance my web site. I took the fast-track of creating the web site & used the MS FrontPage authoring tool to a great extent along with the MS SQL Server Web Assistant. And I should also admit that I am not very good at designing interfaces. Hence this simple look!

Thanks for taking the time to visit my web site & for checking my resources. Please feel free to sign my Guestbook. I appreciate any feedback on improving this web site and how helpful these scripts were.

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