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SQL Server 2000 has finally been released & it provides some cool / powerful features. I have tried to include only scripts that demonstrate the new features, some advanced programming techniques & so on. Enjoy!


Click here to download the SQL scripts.

1) This script show how the CHECKSUM function can be used in distributed queries or any SELECT statement.

How to use checksum in distributed queries.sql

2) This sample shows several ways to call a scalar function in T-SQL.

Scalar Function Example.sql

3) Demonstrates the new system function fn_trace_gettable to read a capture trace file & analyze it using SQL.

Analyze Trace File data using T-SQL.sql

4) How to perform case-sensitive ordering on case-insensitive servers? This script demonstrates the COLLATION capabilities in SQL Server 2000.

Case-Sensitive ordering on Case-Insensitive server.sql

5) How to use the CHECKSUM function to find orphan rows & duplicates?

How to use checksum to find orphan rows & duplicates in different tables.sql

6) How to obtain details about the server using the new SERVERPROPERTY system function?

SQL Server Details ( Edition , License ) .sql

7) Examples that show how to use the COLLATION features in SQL Server 2000. Please refer to BOL for more details.

Collations & creating #table with columns using current user database collation.sql

8) How to get the data, tools & SQL path when there are several instances on the same server? The system SP used in this script is undocumented & needs to be used with care.

Determine SQL2000 instance paths using Undocumented SPs.sql

9) User-defined functions in SQL2000 provide a powerful way to reuse code / logic. This example shows how you can use UDFs in CHECK & DEFAULT constraints of a table.


10) How to perform case-sensitive searches on a case-insensitive server/table/column? This shows some of the cool, powerful techniques of SQL2000 viz. COLLATION, BINARY_CHECKSUM functions.

Case-Sensitive searches on Case-Insensitive server.sql
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