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SQL Server 2000 specific utility procedures. Most of them are utility SPs modified for SQL Server 2000 & present in other forms in the web site. Please look under SQL 6x-70 & the SQL70 Scripts main page for the rest.


Click here to download the SQL scripts.

1) These are the lookup tables used by the sp_lock_ex system SP.

sp_lock_ex_80 data tables.SQL

2) This SP can be used to view detailed locking information without being intrusive on the system. This SP also provides powerful searching capabilities.


3) This SP can be used to an object and all it's dependant ones. A wild-card or pattern can be provided for the object names.


4) This SP can be used to manipulate text files using the "Scripting.FileSystemObject". This provides better performance than xp_cmdshell approach.


5) This is the system SP "sp_helprotect" with bug fixes for showing permission granted on columns of table-valued functions properly

sp_helprotect (bug fixes).sql

6) This SP can be used to parse the show plan statistics output stored in the BinaryData column of the SQL Profiler trace file. The BinaryData requires parsing of the image value. This is useful for analyzing the data easily like in the output of Profiler. This SP uses two functions: IEEE32ToReal_ and IEEE64ToFloat_ found in the utility functions page.

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