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I have a modest collection of books right now. I left most of it in India when I came here. I read only non-fictional books, astronomy, math & science related books. You will find below the list of books that I own right now & my reviews. If you like to discuss about any of these books, please drop an email & we will go forth from there.

Astronomy  Astronomy is fascinating to me because of its pure grandeur. My interest in astronomy started with TV programs on NASA & the COSMOS series. I try to keep abreast with the technological strides happening in this field as far as possible! My favorite physicists in this category are Newton, Galileo, Albert Einstein, Hubble, Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking, Bose, Chandrashekar & Carl Sagan.

Maths  Mathematics is the mother of all sciences IMHO. I believe that mathematical played a major role in any revolution starting from Newton's Equations to Einstein's Relativity Theory. My interests in this subject is mostly related to paradoxes, puzzles, topology and number theory. My most admired mathematicians are Euler & Ramanujan .

Physics  Physics was always my favorite subject because it is closely linked to everything you encounter in the real world. My interest in Physics started with Electrical Engineering, hence my Bachleror's Degree in that. Now I primarily focus on Quantum Physics. So most of my books in this section belong to this branch of Physics. The implications of Quantum theory is hard to comprehend but therein lies its beauty! I admire the works of Albert Einstein, Richard Feynmann, Bohr & other contemporaries.

Music  Music is my soul mate in many ways. See my CD collection for a glimpse of my taste. This section contains mostly books on my favorite bands. I have a long way to go actually.

Non-fictional  Books that cover branches of science like psychology, biology & medicine. I read most of this from Scientific American. This is a great publication that covers all branches of science.

General Reading  Books for just passing time without thinking much.

Technical  Just technical stuff here that I was or am interested in. Try to keep this as general as possible and outside my line of work.

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