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Here are some scripts that i found very useful for my daily activities. I wrote these couple of years back. These should work fine in SQL70 also. Please leave the header of these sps as is for clarity sakes. If you have any comments / bugs, please send an email about it.
Thanks for checking this out!


Click here to download the SQL scripts.

1) How to generate INSERT, UPDATE & DELETE statement templates for a table?


2) How to generate a report on number of rows, size of a table using sp_spaceused system SP?


3) How to retrieve the SQL Server login configuration, trusted logins etc?


4) This script contains examples that show how to automate certain interative tasks easily using undocumented MS stored procedures. The stored procedures shown can be used to loop through each database or each table in a database & perform certain commands.

DBCC checks & other routine operations using undocumented SPs.sql

5) An administrative script to kill connections in a database. This can be used before restoring a database for example.

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